Study of Natural Heat Transfer in Rectangular Cavity Divided by Barriers

  • شعلان غنام عفلوك


The present study deals with the possibility of natural heat transfer in rectangular cavity
divided by barriers put on the top and bottom wall. The length of barrier and the number of
Rayleigh, in addition to the boundary conditions were changed to indicate the impact these
variables on heat transfer inside the gap.
The results of the present study show that the increase in the length of barriers within the
gap reduces heat transfer; while the values of Nusselt within the gap increase as the number of
Rayleigh increase.
Besides, changing the boundary condition specific of vertical walls (the first case: the right
wall is hot and left is cold ; the second case: the right wall is cold and left is hot) has a
considerable impact in increasing the heat transfer in the second case where the left wall is
hot. In comparison with related studies. It can be seen that there is a good conformity as
related the values of Rayleigh and Nusselt