Experimental Study of Solar Hot Water System Design

  • Muhannad Sahib Ali University of Thi-Qar- College of Engineering- Mech Eng. Dept.
Keywords: U = losses longitudinal heat transfer coefficient, A =absorption glass coefficient, m = The annual fuel savings, T = plate temperature, T = permeability glass coefficient, U = losses heat transfer coefficient, σ̇ = average flow rate, A = solar collector area, Af= glass absorber coefficient, C = solar collector thermal capacity, D = pipe diameter, g = capacity of the pipe metal mass m, Gm = weight of the metal mass for absorber plate and pipe, H = heat transfer coefficient, H = oil thermal capacity o, HT = the daily average of the sun rays time, Iday = the daily average of the sun rays, L= pipe length, QE = solar energy per hour land on the solar collector, QI = solar energy per hour absorbed by the solar collector, QL = solar energy per hour losses by the solar collector, t = thickness, T= temperature, Tf = glass permeability coefficient, t = hot water temperature f,e, t = cold water temperature f,i, t = ambient temperature a, Tm = hot water temperature in storage tank, U = glass heat transfer coefficient f, θ= acceptance angle, ρ= density


This paper investigates the design of flat-plate solar collector system experimentally. The
production amount of hot water depends on the type and size of the system, the amount of
sun rays available at the site, proper installation, and the tilt angle and orientation of the
collectors with respect to the south direction. The results show that the amount of the energy
collected by the thermal fluid and the absorber plate are inversely proportional to that
thickness and diameter of both riser and drum tubes, and it decreases when the air gab
between glasses layer increases ( prevents the sun rays and the solar effect ). The intensity of
the mean sun rays daily per hour is an important factor to the energy absorbed by the
collector. This study used aluminum as an absorber plate because its thermal conductivity is
high more than copper and mild steel, its price is cheap