Effect of Soil Topography on Center Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • باسم محمد نصيف جامعة ذي قار \ كلية الهندسة \قسم الهندسة المدنية
Keywords: طبوغرافية الارض, اداء, الري بالرش المحوري


This study consist performance evaluation of Center Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation System in
various cases of topography with based on a certain model ,the model is applied to difference
cases of topography with uniformity slopes up hill and down hill .The equilibrium between

Characterize of system operation and requirement of model operation in topography is study,
the uniformity with which a sprinkler irrigation system applies water is an important aspect of
that system performance and should be consider in design and management this system, this
is achieved by determine uniformity coefficient, therefore this study also consist effect of
topography on uniformity under different case of soil topography .
Result have been shown for case of equilibrium between pump and irrigation system that
pressure head at the beginning of pipe will increase when was up hill slope but inflow
decrease because deficit in pressure head and flowrate at middle and end of pipe and vice
versa .Also the study showed that effect of topography on uniformity in center pivot is limited
although a large change in pressure head and flowrate along the pipe ,and can be say that it is
return to nature of change in flowrate and Christiansen's coefficient which it used to
characterize water distribution uniformity