Experimental Enhancement of the Thermal Conductivity for Mortar Concrete by Adding Polystyrene

  • Mohammed Wahhab Aljibory Karbalaa University\ Mechanical Engineering Department


This paper gives an experimental study for the thermal conductivity of mortar concrete
material by adding polystyrene (styropr) as granules for different volume percentages (0%,
5% , 10% and 15 %). Polystyrene considered as a polymeric thermal isolative material. The
specimens of 343 cm
Mohammed Wahhab Aljibory
Mechanical Engineering Department
Karbalaa University
are made with a mixing percentages of 22.72% cement, 68.18% sand
and 9.1% water which they accredited according to the Iraqi standardization No. (5 /1984).
Tests are carried out in the laboratories of the engineering college – Karbalaa university
to determine the thermal conductivity, compressive strength, porosity and the density for the
specimens. The results showed that the polystyrene leads to decrease the thermal
conductivity of the mortar concrete. The thermal conductivity of the (5%) polystyrene
specimen is decreased by (2.6%), (10%) polystyrene specimen is decreased by (10.4%), and
for the specimen of (15%) polystyrene is decreased by (20.28%).The compressive strength of
the specimen is decreased by increasing the polystyrene percentages and this clearly appear in
the 10% and the 15% specimens but it isn't exceed the permissible range according to the
Iraqi standardization No. 5/1984 (compressive strength ≥ 23 Mpa)