Active Brazing of Tantalum – to – Tantalum

  • Nashwa A. A. Sa'ad Baghdad Institute of Technology
  • F A. Hashim Mechanical Engineering Department College of Engineering University of Thi-Qar
  • R K Salim Welding Engineering Department Technical College – Baghdad


The aim of this study is to start a work about the bonding mechanism of tantalum -to-
tantalum brazed by active filler metal alloy which basely stand on using copper or silver with
active element such as titanium. Brazing will happen under inert gas (argon). Ag4Wt% Ti,Cu8wt
%Ti , and the eutectic Ag 26wt% Cu 4 wt % Ti are the active filler metal which are used , and the
bonding phases at the filler metal / tantalum interface line almost contain ( Ti TaTa 0.49 O) . Which means that active element ( titanium ) shares oxygen with tantalum to make
this bond as a cheap filler