Performance Improvement of Multilevel Load Power System by Using Two-Stages Fuzzy Controller

  • Baqer Turki Atiyah Al-lamey Nasseriya Technical Institute
Keywords: Load – flow, Fuzzy- logic, optimal, location, optimal size


This paper presents a new approach to improve the performance of power system by
enhancing the voltage profile and reducing the real power losses based on two stages fuzzy
controller which is used to select the appropriate size and location of capacitor banks required
to minimize the power losses and maintain the voltage profile in permissible limits.
The first stage of fuzzy controller is used to specify the optimal location of capacitors
installation, while the optimal size is specified by the second stage . The proposed method is
tested on a 34-bus, 74-transmission lines from Iraqi Northern power system with multilevel of
loads. The load levels are represented by 50%, 75%, 100% and 125% of peak load and
satisfied results are obtained to show the feasibility and flexibility of the proposed method.