The Temperature Effect on Sensitivity of Direct Detection Optical Receiver Incorporating FET- Amplifier

  • Abdulgaffar. S. M University ofThi-Qar\ College of Engineering \ lect.and electronic Eng. Dept.
  • Rafid M.Hannun University of Thi-Qar \ College of Engineering\ Elect.and electronic Eng. Dept.
  • Muhannad Sahib Ali


It is known that temperature rise boosts the generations of electron-holes pairs in
semiconductors and increases their conductivity thatobtained to increase noise.High Electron
Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) gives many advantages like low noise and high associated gain
at microwave frequencies.Different shapes and places in containers are done to analyze the
temperature effect on chips with other thermal and aerodynamic parameters.
In this paper, the performance of integrated optical receiver consisting of PIN(Positive
Intrinsic Negative)-photodiode and HEMT-based transimpedance type amplifier is analyzed
upon the effect of temperature variation. Variationof temperatureoccurs when change device
space in one blockcovers.The simulation results show that the sensitivity (P
) of an optical
receiver is minimal in space when temperature effect is low if it is based on well-designed