Designing Different Shapes of Microstrip Antenna Using Genetic Algorithm

  • Zaid A. Abed Al-Hussein Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Sadiq K. Ahmed Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Manaf K. Hussein Al-Mustansiriya University College of Engineering


In this work, Genetic Algorithm (GA) models have been built to design a microstrip antennas in various forms such as rectangular, equilateral triangle and hexagon patch antenna. The design problem can be defined to obtain the resonant frequency for a given the thickness of  dielectric material and dimension of geometrical structure. This approach has a few advantages: giving a clearer and simpler representation of the problem, simplifying chromosome construction, and totally avoiding binary encoding and decoding to simplify software programming. The antenna designed using GA is implemented using MATLAB program and the analysis of antenna is implemented using  Microwave Office software 7.1 produced in 2007.