System Response Analysis of Linear Time Invariant Multistage Feedback Amplifier Network

  • Muneer Aboud Hashem Electrical Engineering Department College of Engineering Al.Mustansiriya University


The analysis of voltage series multistage feedback amplifier network is achieved by evaluating the nodal admittance matrix of the equivalent circuit representing the replacing of each transistor in a stage by its high frequency small-signal model and the performing of the high order voltage transfer function of the system. The main reasons of treating such a wide-band amplifier network are of its stabilized voltage gain and its ability to amplify the pulses occurring in a television signal. The frequency response of the system is calculated and confirmed. System dynamics and variation of input signal are obtained by calculating the response of a continuous time system. The discrete-time equivalent to the analogue system allows the system designer to choose an appropriate pulse transfer function to investigate the performance of the system suitable for a given specifications and requirements. The software powerful MAT-LAB version 7.2 techniques is used for treating the single expression transfer function obtained by assigning numerical values and the response of the system in time and frequency domain.