Analytical Study of Combined Convection Heat Transfer for Flow in a Horizontal Annulus

  • Ahmed . J. Shkarah Mechanical Eng. Dept. College of Engineering University of Thi-Qar
  • Mushtaq .I. Hasan College of Engineering , Mechanical Engineering Department , Thi-Qar University,Iraq
  • Iqbal . K. Eraebee College of Engineering ,civil Eng. Dept , Thi-Qar University,Iraq
Keywords: numerical combined convection, thermally developing flow, finite difference, horizontal annulus


In this paper a numerical investigation is made to study the axially symmetric, laminar
air flow in the entrance region of an annulus by solving the two dimensional governing
equations of motion ( continuity, momentum & energy ) using implicit finite difference
method and the Gauss elimination technique. A STAR CCM + program is used. The results
obtained for velocity and temperature profile revealed that, the secondary flow created by
natural convection have a significant effect on the heat transfer process. A comparison has
been made for results which show a good agreement.