Finite Element Prediction of Temperature Rise Distribution in Turning Process of AISI 1045 Carbon Steel

  • Assmaa A. Kawi Mechanical Engineering Dep,College of Engineering University of Basrh
  • Sana J.Yaseen Mechanical Engineering Dep. College of Engineering,University of Basrh
  • Rana L. Mechanical Engineering Dep. College of Engineering ,University of Basrh


In this paper the code DEFORM-3D V6.1 was used to perform a finite element analysis
simulating the turning process of AISI 1045 carbon steel. A series of thermal simulations
have been performed, the value and location of maximum temperature have been determined.
The comparison of the simulations with earlier works gave promising trend for the presented
work with a maximum percentage of error 3.23%. The results of this work show that the
maximum temperature exists in the vicinity of the cutting edge. i.e. in the tool-chip contact
and then starts cooling immediately when the tool crosses this region. Besides the maximum
temperature in the tool-chip interface increases as the cutting time increases until the process
reaches the steady-state condition where the temperature is alternating around the mean
temperature. Finally the behavior of temperature differs in value and distribution for the same
location and time (same boundary conditions) in the cutting direction with the change in depth
of cut where the maximum temperature occurs at maximum depth of cut