Analysis of High Strength Concrete Circular Columns under Axial and Lateral Loading Combinations

  • Mohammed A. Mashrei Civil Engineering Department / College of Engineering /University of Thi_Qar
Keywords: High-strength concretes, Concrete columns, Computer analysis, Moment–curvature


Columns are vertical compression members which carry primarily axial Compression
load. The axial load may be associated with bending moments in one or two directions.
Analysis of high strength concrete columns with circular cross section and spiral transverse
reinforcement was presented in this paper. A computer program was used to do the analysis of
high strength circular concrete columns. The variables considered in this article were concrete
strength ranging from 55 MPa to 80MPa, volumetric ratios of steel used to confine the core
concrete, amount of main reinforcement and axial load level. The results indicate that as
increase in the amount of lateral steel, main steel, axial load and increase in concrete strength
resulted in increases in strength capacity of column. The deformability of high-strength
concrete columns can be improved significantly through confinement. The results obtained in
this research are agreed with results obtained by experimental and analytical study conducted
by other authors.