Improving Coefficient of Thermal Performance and Electricity Saving in the Water Chiller System

  • SARA Q. HAMZA University of Thi -Qar College of Eng. MSc. Mechanical Eng. Dept., , Iraq
  • RAFID M. HANNUN University of Thi -Qar , College of Eng., Prof.Dr. Mechanical Eng., Iraq
Keywords: water chiller, Energy saving, Cost saving


A water chiller air-conditioning system has been completed. Energy savings was estimated using different variables: calculation power consumption, electricity consumption, the cooling load of the testing room. The system tested during the environment of Al- Muthanna province (Al-Rummaitha city), Iraq. The measurements were taken during the summer months (May - June – July and August). The results indicated a difference in energy saving during the daily operating hours, the highest reduction rate was obtained of cooling loads, which were based on the change in evaporator temperatures and also the highest percentage was achieved during August by 23% and the lowest percentage during May by 5%. Thus, the study concluded that the percentage of electricity consumption during the months of May and August was 56% and 41%, respectively. This paper concludes the power electricity was 14.7 amperes in conventional air conditioners whereas the chiller air-conditioning was up to 1.07 amperes. Also, the electricity saving was effected with lower storage tank water