Thermal Analysis for Underground Power Cables with Different Arrays in Hot Places


  • Rafid M. Hannun Mechanical Eng. Dept, College of Engineering, Thi-Qar University, Iraq



cables, cable arrangement, heat flux, underground cable


In this paper, the electrical cables have been studied numerically and the effect of soil  on its cooling has been investigated. The thermal conditions applied for hot climate temperature such as in south of Iraq data. Different cables arrays for three phase connections of electricity were done (horizontal, vertical and inclined (Which is new compared to previous researches) arrays). The arrangement of cables was buried and passed underground level for mechanical and electrical protection in addition to cooling them by conduction of low soil temperature.  The cables of 19 strand wire (7mm diameter for each) homogeneously distributed inside a layer of insulation according to standards. The cables were placed at the centre of soil domain to utilized from a uniform temperature distribution due to the cold soil temperature in hot places. Heat flux assumed to flow from the outer surface of cable insulation to determine the temperature distribution in the domain and cables for selection of good insulation at peak electrical loads and hot weather conditions. The results showed that the maximum temperature was for the medium cable and that the electrical cables in hot areas should be buried underground at a depth of approximately 4 m to keep them from mechanical and electrical damage







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Thermal Analysis for Underground Power Cables with Different Arrays in Hot Places. (2018). University of Thi-Qar Journal for Engineering Sciences, 9(2), 109-117.