Improvement of Gypsum Soil Properties by using Novolac polymer


  • Dhay Waddy Mohammed aM.Sc. Student,Department of Civil Engineering ,University of Baghdad ,Baghdad, Iraq. E- mail address: dhaekh
  • Balqeea A. Ahmed Assistant Proffessor , Department of Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq. E-mail
  • Maysam Th. AL-Hadidi c Assistant Proffessor , Department of water resources Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq .E-mail address:



Gypseous Soil, , Collapsibility, Permeability, Novolac Polymer, cement


This paper is a tamped to improve the engineering properties of gypseous soil by adding novolac polymer. The soil  samples  brought from the west of Karbala city with 36% of gypsum content. The research was carried out by adding a different percentage of novolac polymer (3%, 6%, 9% w/W) respectively and comparing the results with other samples treated with cement in the same percentages. The targeted engineering properties are permeability, shear strength, and collapsibility. The results showed that 3% w/W of novolac gives the best improving in collapsibility which is improved to 57.8 while 6% w/W of novolac improved both the bearing capacity and the permeability which improved to (25.2  and 86.2% ) respectively.







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Improvement of Gypsum Soil Properties by using Novolac polymer. (2020). University of Thi-Qar Journal for Engineering Sciences, 11(1), 49-55.