Thermal Behavior of Different Cooling Towers Using Induced Draught Cross Flow


  • Rafid M. Hannun Alsaleh1 Mechanical Engineering Dept/ College of Eng., Thi-Qar University
  • Muntadhar Nahi Selman Mechanical Engineering Dept./College of Eng., Thi-Qar University



cooling tower,, cross flow,, Ansys,, cylindrical,, cubic,, geometry.


Cooling tower is vastly utilized in industries as well as plants such electrical energy generation field and petrochemical industry to subtract the useless heat . In this paper, a thermal behavior of mechanical draft cross flow wet cooling tower is investigated .The theoretical study based on mathematical model of heat and mass transfer whose analyzed by ANSYS fluent software code employed workbench. Three new configurations of cooling tower are studied at the firsttime that didn’t studied together in literatures. They are cubic, cylindrical, and pyramid shape. The investigation used several inlet water temperature and different pressures of water at inlet and outlet. The numerical solution is based on the finite volume method. The wet bulb temperature of air has constant value for all cases whose studied . The results of study indicated that the cylindrical configuration is the best geometry. When inlet water pressure get up at constant other variables, the performance is decreased as well as it will improved if it reduces. The water cooling range has no influence on the tower characteristics.







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Thermal Behavior of Different Cooling Towers Using Induced Draught Cross Flow. (2018). University of Thi-Qar Journal for Engineering Sciences, 9(1), 73-88.