Erosion Corrosion behaviors of Various Metals at different variable


  • Abdul Mohsin Naji Mohaisen central technical university



Erosion corrosion, Al alloy 6061-T6, Free Cut Brass 360, ID, Sea water, Tigris River water


Erosion corrosion process is considered one of the main problems to which too ls, machine parts and equipment are subjected and which operate in fluidized media. Solid particles strike them because of fluid motion at different speeds and varying time periods. Erosion corrosion system was made according to ASTM Specification. Circular test samples were made in diameter 15 mm and length of 50 mm from Al alloy 6061-T6 and Free Cut Brass 360 and polymer.  Erosion corrosion test was made using weight loss method in sea water and Tigris river water at 500, 400 and 300 rpm for 1, 2, 3, 4.5.6 hrs. From the results reached, it is found that with increase in time, the erosion corrosion rate increases for both mediums because of the effect of medium components such as chlorine and oxygen for a certain period. When the time period increases, it decreases because the oxygen dissolved in water is used up which is responsible for corrosion. Also a protective is formed from the remnants of corrosion process.      Moreover, it is found when speed increases, corrosion rate decreases due to speed prevent ion from summing at electrods.







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