Energy Saving In A Split-Type Air Onditioner With Evaporative Cooling Systems

  • Salman H. Hammadi University of Basrah Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Mohammed Fadhil G University of Basrah Mechanical Engineering Department
Keywords: Power saving, Coefficient of performance (COP), the ambient temperature


The reduction in the power consumption is very important especially in areas
with high temperatures such as Iraq, where the power consumption by the air
conditioner is very high. The conventional split-type air conditioner widely used in
small and medium size buildings, e.g. residences, offices, and schools. In this work the
evaporative cooling unit is designed at the department of Mechanical Engineering of
the College of Engineering University of Basrah.. The evaporative cooling unit is
connected in front of the condenser to decrease the inlet temperature of the condenser.
In addition, their performances depend on the heat transfer between condenser and the
ambient airflow. The reduction in the inlet air temperature to the condenser of the air
conditioning that leads to reduce the power consumption and enhancement of the
coefficient of performance for the refrigeration cycle. The experimental results show:
the average power saving is 23%