Effect Of Cutting Parameters On Surface Roughness And Cutting Tool Temperature In Turning AISI 1045 Steel

  • Haider M. Mohammad Material Engineering Department University of Basrah
  • Roaa Hameed Ibrahim Mechanical Engineering Department University of Basrah
Keywords: Turning, Cutting Speed, Feed Rate, AISI 1045 Steel, Surface Roughness


This work aims to study the effect of cutting speed and feed rate on surface
roughness and tool temperature by prediction mathematical models from the
experimental data using LAB-Fit Data software. The mathematical models have been
used to study the behavior of both surface roughness which is considered an indicator
of workpiece quality and tool temperature that is related to tool wear and surface
roughness. The experiments were conducted on AISI 1045 carbon steel that has wide
range of applications by using CNC turning machine under dry cutting condition. The
results shows that surface roughness decreases with increasing cutting speed while it
increases with increasing feed rate, also it has been noticed that the temperature of
cutting tool increases with increasing both cutting speed and feed rate