The Effect of Thermal Residual Stresses Analysis on Tetrahedral Elements Surface Structure

  • Kadhim Karim Mohsen University of Thi-Qar\ College of Engineering\ Mechanical Engineering Department
Keywords: Tetrahedral elements surface, residual Stresses, fatigue, finite element method, optimization design


This study investigates the effect of thermal residual stress analysis on tetrahedral
elements surface structure using finite element technique. An understanding of the effects
related to the thermal residual stress is necessary to improve the ability of designers to
precisely predict the catastrophic behavior of the apparatuses during overhaul. Tetrahedral
elements surface structure production component subjected to applied loads needs to optimize
this component that is critical to the tetrahedral elements surface structure efficiency. The
applied loads and resulting residual stresses under service conditions is demanded. The finite
element modeling was performed. In addition, the fracture life prediction was carried out
using finite element based on fatigue analysis. It was observed that the fracture was
significantly influenced due to the residual stresses. The obtained result indicates that the
existence residual stresses produce the shortest fatigue life for applied loads conditions. The
process is one of the promising surface treatments to increase the fracture life for tetrahedral
elements surface structure