A Design Calculating System for Deep Drawing Die by Using Simulation Model

  • Kadhim M. Abed Mech. Eng. Department Collage of Engineering University of Thi-Qar
Keywords: Deep drawing, dies design, finite element


In this research, the deep drawing dies are designed by using a "computer - aided designed calculating system" to save time and facilitate the design process. Also finite elements method (FEM) is used to simulate the drawing process to select the best die design. A programming language (VISUAL BASIC 6.0) was used to build the computer – aided design system, which was linked to drafting package (AutoCAD) to plot the deep drawing dies. A commercially available finite elements program code (ANSYS) was used to perform the numerical simulation. Finite elements results is compared with experimental results. Though the compression between the experimental and FEM, it has concluded that finite elements method is more accurate than the experimental method in predicting the best die design, and a good match between the two methods was found.