Duplex Inhibition of CO2 Corrosion in Iraqi Oilfield

  • Sami I.J. Al-rubaiey Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy University of Technology Baghdad
Keywords: Inhibition, Oilfield, CO2 corrosion, heat treatment, Aromatic (Tetrahydronaphthalene), annealing, quenching, tempering weight loss, efficiency


New method for inhibition CO2 corrosion in Iraqi oilfield was used in this work. This
new method included using combination of heat treatment of steel and added Aromatic
(Tetrahydronaphthalene) compounds as corrosion inhibitor in different concentration (0.05%,
0.1%, 0.2%, 0.5% and 1%). The results referred that the weight loss was reduced as inhibitor
concentration increased for all conditions of specimens whether, there were heat treated or
not. The combination of annealing heat treatment of samples and using Aromatic compounds
inhibitor offered a better corrosion resistance than the combination of quenching + tempering
(Q+T) samples. The presence of inhibitor improves the corrosion resistance for annealed
samples. For fully annealing, the weight loss was 5 times lesser than that for (Q+T) samples,
while the weight loss of steel (as received condition) was 3 times lesser than that for (Q+T)