New Base and Burner Design for Utilizing the Compound Gases with Spilled Oil at Using Power Chimney Techniques

  • Rafid M. Hannun College of Engineering, University of Thi-Qar
Keywords: Power, Chimney, Burner, Oil


The renewable or non-renewable modern energy kinds have many shapes to utilize power
generation. The power chimney tower is one of them developed by low losses, simple and
has high facilities that used in spilling oil and/or oil refinery stations and to save clean
In this paper, new base design of power chimney used to increase the utilized energy by
increasing the number of burners in addition to introducing new burner design by adding
directional vanes. Many parameters influencing the system operation were exactly studied to
predict new operation phenomenon. This fundamentally depends the combustion of gases
compound the spilled oil. Velocity distribution is the important parameter which gives the
first prediction to put the position of erection of power turbine, made or not. The numerical
analysis was presented by using GAMBIT and FLUENT 6.3 to predict the high velocity at the
expansion of chimney near the Centre of burned gases cover collector. This position is very
suitable for promoting and building the power turbine since the velocity was high when the
compounded gases is combusted (that there components are the methane gas with other
friendly gases and waste). Also, it is concluded that there are high temperature increased by
using the new burner design reach (1400-1800) K in comparison with old design without
swirlers. It is easy to erect steam or gaseous boiler in contact with furnace for utilizes the heat
generated in electrical power generation. So, the other factors, temperature and pressure were
studied to coincide with previous papers in this field. The validity of this study was done by
comparison to same flow rate of air/fuel ratio of previous study findings to give similar results
of parameters.