Effect of The Tilt Angles on The Power Generation of The Small Manufactured Dual Wind Turbine Equipped By Separation Mechanism and Rotation Reversing Device

  • Muhannad Z. Khalefa †University of Technology, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Baghdad-Iraq
  • Shereen F. Abd Alkarim University of Technology,Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Baghdad-Iraq.
  • Rasha S. Salih ϯ University of Technology, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Baghdad-Iraq.
Keywords: Dual wind turbine, genetic algorithm (GA), tilt angles, rotation reversing device, movable wing


Due to the importance of generating electricity from wind turbines, single rotor wind turbine and dual rotor wind turbine,
there was a need to design and manufacture the turbine system operating in both types mentioned above and have
advantages to increase the generation of electric power. The aim of this work was to generate electrical power at a wind
speed of up to 1m/s and more to achieve this wind speed and direction of the wind were adopted from tables of the
Zerbatiya Station of the Wasit Governorate. Controlling the work is by Adaptive Controller technology, as well as the
programming language which used is Visual Studio 2015.
The simulation was used to generate rotational speed for front and rear blades from 1m/s to 13m/s. Movable wings were
placed in the manufactured system which rotate at angle of 0
for the purpose of studying the effect of the tilt angle
of the blades on power generation. The following were added to the system: mechanism to separate the work of the front
and rear rotors and a device to reverse the rotation of these rotors. The Genetic Algorithm (GA) was used within the
program for the purpose of obtaining the best of generated power. All the above were for the purpose of determining the
best position for blades at different speeds to generate electricity by using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
(400W). The maximum generated power in dual wind turbine (DWT) when rotate the front and rear blades in same
direction was obtained at speed (151rpm) in used tilt angle of movable wing is about (12
) and power (124.223W) also
the separation mechanism and rotation reversing device proved efficiency.