Simulation of Active Suspension System for Half Vehicle Model under Different Road Profile

  • Farouk O. Hamdoon University, Wasit, College of Engineering,Mechanical Engineering Department,Wasit , Iraq.
  • Batool M. Faisal‡ , Wasit University, College of Engineering,Mechanical Engineering Department Wasit, Iraq.
Keywords: : suspension system, half vehicle model, pid controller, simulink



The main function of the vehicle suspension system is to provide comfort for passengers, road handling and vehicle stability. This paper proposes the application of PID controller (proportional, integral and derivative controller) for active suspension system of a half automobile model using MATLAB / SIMULINK.  Time domain simulations are carried out to test the performance of the suspension system under different types of road profiles which are the primary inputs of the system. In this paper, three types of road profile inputs (bump, sine wave, random wave) are introduced to excite the suspension system. According to these road profile inputs, the performance response of passive and active suspension systems is simulated. Simulation results show that there is a significant improvement in the performance of the active system over the passive one.