Simulation of Speed Control for Separately Excited DC Motor Utilizing Fuzzy Logic Controller

  • .Jabbar Raheem Rashed Misan University, Electrical Engineering Department,
Keywords: speed control, separately excited DC motor, PID controller, fuzzy logic control


DC motors are considered the most common and widely used, typically of adaptable speed drive operation. There are many researches, DC motor controllers have been implemented but most of them have not reached satisfactory results compared with the use of intelligent systems. Different simulations  are performed using the PID and FLC controller for different conditions namely  various motor plants having readily changed parameter in order test the robustness of the system , Also three types of input ,i.e. step, ramp, and train of pulses are employed result ,obtained .medicated that the prospered FLC controller are better   compared with controllers such as PID,[e.g. for PID, tr= 0.3 sec ,MP=0.1 ts=1.8 ,while for FLC ,tr= 0.008 sec ,MP= 0 ts=0.016 sec .. In this paper presented the concerned with design of the[PID,FLC] controller was achieved through the use of  Simulink in MATLAB .The design simulation of all the controllers such as conventional PID controller and intelligent control [namely Fuzzy logic control (FLC ) ] are compared for different DC motor speed control.