Speed Control of DTC_SVM for Induction Motor By Using Genetic Algorithm-based PI Controller

  • Khearia A. Mohammad Electrical Engineering Department, University of Basrah
  • Rawaa Kadhim Sakran Electrical Engineering Department, University of Basrah
Keywords: DTC_SVM, Genetic Algorithm (GA), Induction Motor (IM), PI Controller and Space Vector Modulation (SVM)


This work presents analysis of three-phase Induction Motor (IM) performance with Direct Torque Control based Space Vector Modulation (DTC-SVM). DTC-SVM scheme is a kind of high-performance control of IM drives to improve the ripples of torque and flux in steady state, this drawback of conventional DTC. (DTC-SVM) has three Proportional-Integral (PI) controllers, one utilized as the PI speed controller and other PI flux controller and PI torque controller which are utilized to produce the stator voltage reference V_ds and V_qs  respectively. This paper offers a comparison among two methods utilized for tuning the PI speed controller in DTC_SVM of IM drive. One is trial and error method, while the second is Genetic Algorithms (GA). GA helps to get the optimal PI speed controller parameters. The results of a simulation carried out utilizing MATLAB/Simulink program (R2014a) show that the response of speed motor with GA is better and reaches to the reference value faster than another method