Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow a cross Circular and Elliptical Tube Bank

  • Ghassan Adnan Abd Mechanical Engineering Department College of Engineering University of Thi-Qar


In this study, a numerical investigation of heat transfer and fluid flow a cross circular
and elliptical tube bank has been made then comparisons made between these two types.
The study focus on the effect of Reynolds number and ellipse eccentricity on the Nusselt
number and pressure drop through the tube bank for two arrangements (in-line and
staggered). The results are reported for air and for Reynolds number range of
20≤Re≤500. The results of the study shows that Nusselt number increased as Reynolds
number increased for all cases. The values of Nusselt number for elliptical tube are higher
than for circular tube for Reynolds number range of 100≤Re≤500.The pressure drop for
the two arrangements increased as the Reynolds number increases. The elliptical tube
array has batter thermal performance and lower pressure drop than circular tube array .