Effect of Bentonite Mudcake on the Interface Between Sandy Clay and Concrete

  • Ressol R. Shakir University of Thi-Qar \ College of Engineering \ Civil Engineering Department
Keywords: Bored pile, Bentonite mudcake, constitutive relations, sandy clay, concrete, compressibility, shear strength


This paper presents investigation of behavior of bentonite mudcake between soil and
concrete. A number of simple shear test have been performed on sandy clay and concrete
specimens with and without bentonite mudcake at contact. The constitutive relations such as
stress-displacement, dilative and the strength relations have been discussed in details. It was
found that thin bentonite mudcake between sandy clay and concrete increases the shear
strength, the sliding between soil and concrete in addition to the vertical displacement. The
bentonite mudcake has a dual reaction; the upper face interacts with soil and the lower face
interacts with concrete, showing different effects