Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Mechanical Properties Abstract of Composite Materials

  • Zainab Talib Abidzaid Al-Sharify Environmental Engineering College of Engineering Al-Mustansiryia University Iraq – Baghdad
Keywords: Composite Material, Carbon Steel Pipes, Polyester, Mechanical Properties, ASTM


Resistible composites have been suggested to be used instead of carbon steel pipes to
overcome a number of common problems during commercial applications, especially the
problem of fixing dead-beat carbon steel pipes within these systems. The new composites
used are resistible materials of unsaturated polyester sponsored with glass fiber and aluminum
honeycomb. Mechanical properties of resistible composites have been studied using ASTM in
order to find the best conditions to create a system of pipes. It have been seen clearly that the
best concentration of aluminum powder is 3٥ % of the composite mixture, which represent
the most suitable mechanical properties. Also, it was found that aluminum honeycomb
samples were a very good mechanical properties suitable for certain applications