Solar Water Desalination by Using Parabolic Dish in Hot Climate Weather Conditions

  • Rafid M. Hannun
Keywords: distillation, solar energy, parabolic dish, parabolic trough


The solar energy development is one of the modern sciences that used the new experiments ideas to reach the benefit.  This paper demonstrated the idea of concentrating the solar energy by using two practical models (Model 1 and 2) of parabolic dish with cross sectional area of (1.13 m2) and (2.545m2) respectively for accumulation of solar energy in one focus at Nasiriya city, southern of Iraq (31.036˚N,46.21˚E). The controlled closed pan was placed at the centre situation of this focus of dish. That  used the concentrated solar array heat to raise the focal temperature to many hundreds degrees. So, this small pool used to minimize the heat transfer losses by the convection and radiation way. Also, this small volume increased the concentration ratio to reach the boiling and vaporizing temperature of water which found  inside the closed pool. The generated steam leaved the pool to pass throughout the small diameter pipes of condenser that help the steam to decrease its enthalpy to convert the state to liquid. The maximum distillated water for both rigs (model 1 and 2) was 2.5 and 5.25 L/day respectively in 20th of June while the average efficiency was 77.6 % and 76.6 % respectively