Steady State Simulation of Basrah Crude Oil Refinery Distillation Unit using ASPEN HYSYS

  • Ali Nasir Khalaf University of Basrah -Engineering Collage -Chemical Engineering Department


This work describes the steady state simulation of the current performance of the crude oil distillation column at Basrah refinery, Iraq. Steady state simulation results were obtained by ASPEN HYSYS V9 simulation software and compared with the real plant operation conditions, such as temperatures, flowrate of refinery products (total naphtha, kerosene, light gas oil, and heavy gas oil). Also plant experimental ASTM D86 curves of different products were compared to those obtained by simulations. Finally, the temperature and flowrates profiles along the distillation column were obtained. The result shows that the simulated total naphtha mass flow rate (80600 kg/hr) was higher than plant value (73960 kg/hr) flowrate, while simulated residue mass flow rate (203900kg/hr) and waste water mass flow rate (6497 kg/hr) have the lowest mass flowrates than plant data (230200kg/hr,6910kg\hr) respectively. Also the simulated temperatures of product stream for, kerosene, LGO, HGO products (200.3 oC,261.5 oC, and 295 oC) shows good agreement with the plant data (191 oC ,260, oC and 301 oC) respectively, the maximum difference between the plant and simulation results were around 9 oC.