Random Excitation of Surgical Robotic

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  • .Kadim Karim Mohsen Alturshan University of Thi-Qar College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Department
Keywords: Biomedical engineering, Surgical Robot, Response modeling


The Biomedical Engineering has well-developed very rapidly in recent times, and after
the intervention in all areas of medicine of life and to increase the accuracy and security
of medical operations, especially surgical, where he was previously relying on a doctor
in a different surgeries and this was accompanied by a lot of mistakes and the length of
time and lack of precision The work of the large holes in the human body and the loss
of a large amount of blood and sometimes lead to death, so was the invention of surgical
robot which replaces the doctor in an all surgeries provided with camera and arms of
the holes for the purpose of surgery during the operation and the withdrawal of the
damage to the outside of the human body as well as to the sewing section which was
performed surgery on it.
The surgical robot needs to study in order to avoid any error while doing any surgery
being moved in all directions as well manufactured and metals used in precision
manufacturing to prevent the interaction between the human body and the materials
The surgical robot when conducting any surgery, it is exposed to Dynamic movements
and to vibrations co-operation in this research study and analysis of rotational and
transitional arm scalpel movements (process surgical scissors) where was derived
kinetic equations transition and spin of the robot during movement, analyze and find a
response to each interface and detailed in this Arm and find the natural frequencies and
modes and foretelling a movement for all data and thus find, responsive to the final
robot through which to draw its own curves public movements during surgical
By introducing the mechanical specifications and dimensional modeling Android in
Ansys program by drawing the paper model and the using of Scissors force, who is the
surgical operations and give the suggestions in a note to the Islamic group Ansys
program as well as the moments affecting bends and shear forces for the purpose of
simulation model with reality.
Where they discussed outputs, data movement, distortions, and distractions in the form
and after the study results are analyzed-style geometric Medical to optimize the design
and to avoid any error surgeons during surgical operations Mather the accuracy of the
results and this in turn gives the safety and protection of persons during the surgical