Effect of inclination angle on natural convection from inclined plate with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity

  • Ghassan Adnan Abid Mechanical Engineering Department College of Engineering University of Thi-Qar
Keywords: Natural convection ,, inclined plate,, variable viscosity,, variable conductivity


In this paper, a numerical investigation of a natural convection from an
isothermal inclined plate immersed in air has been done. Taking into account the
variation of the viscosity and thermal conductivity with temperature. The governing
conservation equations of continuity, momentum and energy are non-dimensionalized
by using an appropriate transformation. The non-dimensionalized equations are solved
simultaneously by using a finite volume method. The effect of inclination angle with
varying viscosity and thermal conductivity on the local skin friction, local Nusselt
number, average skin friction and average Nusselt number has been discussed. From
the results obtained the allotment of the local skin friction and the local Nusselt number
on the plate vary due to angle change. The average skin friction and the average Nusselt
number decrease with increase of the angle of inclination