Studying the performance of evaporative cooler using pre-cooling water system

  • Oday Kadhim Japer Mechanical Department, Southern technical University, Thi Qar, Iraq
  • Salman H. Hammadi Mechanical Engineering Department, Basrah University, Basrah, Iraq
Keywords: evaporation, cooling, energy balance, mass transfer, air conditioning


The big increase of the ambient temperature during the summer season leads to increase of energy consumption for air conditioning which in turn increases peak electrical study load. In this work, theoretical and experimental study are performed for hybrid system combined of evaporative air cooler and refrigeration unit. The experimental rig is build and tested during the summer months. The theoretical model is performed based on heat and mass transfer for the hybrid system. The effect of may parameters are studied such as, water temperature, water and air mass flowrates and wetted pad thickness. The results show that the pre-cooling water temperature improves effectiveness by about (5-10%). The results of the present work are compared with results of other works and show a good agreement.