Perspective the Use of Thermal Energy Lost From an Engine Cooling System to Run an Absorption Refrigerator for

  • Abdulwadood Salman Shihab Technical College of Basrah
Keywords: Alternative Vehicle Air-conditioning, Absorption Refrigerator


    This paper is addressed to investigate the possibility of using a waste heat to drive absorption refrigeration system as an alternative system for automobile air conditioning. LiBr-water absorption refrigerator is suggested for this application. A theoretical analysis of the system has been carried out to maximize its cooling potential. This study includes also an actual experimental test to measure the available waste heat that is rejected from water cooling system of a 6-cylinder petrol engine fitted to Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle. The test was performed directly on the vehicle using out-city high way roads. It is found that the wasted energy from the engine cooling system is ranged between 10 kW for idling engine speed and 68 kW when loading. The engine cooling water temperature is ranged between 71  and 84 . The reject heat available in the cooling water system is measured and found to be adequate for producing cooling up to 34 kW, but the low level of the water temperature did not allow the refrigeration system to produce continuous cooling corresponding to engine and vehicle speeds at a refrigeration temperature of 5 to 10 , especially at hot weather condition