Kinematic Analysis of Bicycle Pedaling

  • Haider J. Abed Mechanical Engineering Department College of Engineering University of Thi-Qar
Keywords: Bike Fit, Pedaling, Kinematic Equations, Four-Bar Mechanism


In this study, the kinematic equations are derived to describe the angles, velocities, and
accelerations of the leg of bike rider when changing the height and angle of seat tube. These
equations are useful to get the optimum seat position, (in separated study), for best
performance and efficiency.
The pedaling motion model was simulated as four-bar mechanism (the foot was not
considered), and by using polar form of complex number notation to get the kinematic
equations. These equations are agreed with MATLAB/Simulink/SimMechanics/Four-Bar
Model, as well as, the graphical method. The derived equations (kinematic equations) can
describe the crossed and open four-bar mechanism.