Estimation of Flow in Horizontal Elliptic Channels with Free Overfall at the End of the Channel

  • Iqbal Khalaf Eraebee Civil Engineering Department College of Engineering University of Thi-Qar
Keywords: Open channel flow, Free overfall, End – depth


The aim of this work is to calculate the flow discharge in horizontal elliptic channels
with free overfall at the end of the channel. Two methods are used, the first one is Boussinesq
approximation to calculate the End- Depth – Ratio ( EDR ) .The second one is a theoretical
procedure applied to compute the flow over a sharp – crested weir.The available experimental
data are used to verify the proposed End – Depth – Discharge (EDD) relationship. The
calculated discharges, using the proposed EDD relationship, show excellent agreement with
the experimental values in subcritical flows. However, the agreement is not so good in