Recovery of Cu (II) from Model Water using Emulsion Liquid Membrane (ELM) Technique

  • Adnan Abdul Hussain Mechanical Engineering Department –University of Thi Qar
  • Mohammed D. Salman Mechanical Engineering Department –University of Thi Qar
Keywords: Emulsion, Membrane Technique, Metallic Efficiency


The proper condition of the emulsion liquid membrane (ELM) technique for the recovery and concentration of copper (II) from model water is investigated.  The ELM is a solution of di (2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid in kerosene and sorbitan monooleate Span 80 as surfactant. The extraction efficiency of the metallic ion in the ELM in batch tests is determined. The results show good extraction percentage in relatively period of time (15 minutes) under the following conditions: pH of the feed is 8; feed concentration of 500 ppm, carrier concentration of di (2-ethyl-hexyl) phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) 4% and treatment ratio (volume of external phase to volume of emulsion phase) of 2.