Evaluation of Line Power Losses under Variable Power Supplied by Wind Generation and PV Attached at Different Bus-bars

  • Mustafa Jameel University of Thi-Qar, Thi-Qar,Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Iraq
  • Ali Salam Kadhim University of Thi-Qar, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Thi-Qar
Keywords: Load flow, Power losses, PSAT, Wind turbine, Optimum voltage



The aim of this paper is to solve the load flow for Power System Connection (IEEE 6 Bus System), and find the power losses in the transmission lines and the total power losses for 10 MVA base power rating and 33 KV rated voltage. This can be achieved with the aids of simulation by using a software programme called PSAT, which is compatible with MATLAB. In addition, to improve the efficiency of the system a 2 MW wind turbine has to be installed on the system, but due to the fact that the wind turbine has changeable output power and this leads to variation in the voltages and currents in the transmission system. Therefore, we will examine the effect of the 2 MW wind turbine at different busbars and find out where is the optimal location for the turbine, which results in low system losses and optimum voltage. The next section is to apply a PV generator with variable output on different busbars and find the best position that we can obtain less power losses and optimum voltage regulation. The final section is to apply 0.5 PV generators at different buses at the same time and compare the result with the case obtained from applying 2 MW PV generators