Thermo- economic analysis of inlet air cooling in gas turbine plants in Basrah(Al-Rumaila gas turbine power plant case 58 study

  • Hussien S. Sultan University of Basrah - college of engineering - mechanical department
Keywords: gas turbine, air cooling and evaporative cooling


In the hot regions the demand on electricity increased in the hot months. Gas turbine
power plant is a good solution for this problem, since it has low cost, low time of
installation and stable with electricity grid variation. But the power output of gas turbine
is affected by the ambient temperature, the power decrease by 18% when the ambient
temperature increase to 40
c. Inlet air cooling methods are used to boost the power
losses in the hot days. In the present study a thermally and economically analysis was
performed for Al-Rumaila gas turbine power plant located in Basrah (south of Iraq).
The plant consist from five units and each unit designed to generates 296MW.The
results shows that, the maximum decrease in the power developed due the increase in
ambient air temperature reaches 22.97% during the month of July. The percentage of
power saving due inlet air cooling increased with increasing the ambient air